Monday, May 6, 2013

Awesome KRABI, the PARADISE ♥

Sawadeeka !
 I'm back from Krabi ! An awesome place, the paradise in Thailand ! I'm enjoyed :) 
now, i'm going to blog about my trip and i'm wondering how much time i need to finish this post ◑.◑ 

Actually we booked our two-way flight tickets on March and it cost us RM 270 per person  as that time they are having the AirAsia promotions

Other than that, we also booked our hotel through the hotel booking website and the rooms cost us around RM 73 per person for 3 days 2 nights ! 

Okay ! Let's start our trip from now ! 

21 April 

Krabi trip Day 1
Woke up at the early morning and prepared for the trip ! 
7.45 a.m alone waiting for the train to KL Sentral
 After arrived at KL Sentral, we took Sky Bus to LCCT and it cost us RM 10 per person 
We took almost 1 hour to arrived in LCCT from the KL Sentral and after settled down all the things we just waiting for our flight on 1.15 p.m
 Passport Checked ! Flight tickets Checked ! 
 We heading to the boarding gate before 30 minutes of departure and keep waiting ◑.◑ Hmmm   

Hello airplane :) 
Stupid us ! Haha ! 
On the airplane (─‿‿─) 
This is my 2nd times on the airplane but the feeling is still excited ! 
 当你坐在飞机上 望下看就是一片一望无际的大地 往上看就是一望无际的蓝天与白云 那种感觉真的是非笔墨说能形容 一朵朵的白云从你面前飘过 就像棉花糖在你面前一样 你会很想向前去咬它一口 当你坐在飞机上 你的烦恼真的是可以抛到九霄云外

About 1 hours plus we arrived at Krabi International Airport 
and we took a taxi ( actually is a Honda car ) to send us to the hotel and it cost us 600 baht per car ! 
How come the Thailand's taxi is so highclass ! HAHAHA

On the halfway, the driver dropped us beside a travel agency and an agent came out to offer us some travel packages
From the start, she offered us a 7 islands tour package which cost us 1800 baht per person 
Well, i REMEMBER my friends and my family said anything you want to buy in Thailand don't forget to BARGAIN ! 
Oh yeah ! After nego nego and nego, the agent offered us 1550 baht for the 7 islands tour package plus plus transportation to Krabi night market and also the airport 

Next, is about our hotel ! The Dream Garden which is located in the lovely area of Ao Nang  and is just opposite the McDonald's, 7 eleven, Starbucks and the Ao Nang Street
Other than that, the hotel is close to the Ao Nang beach ! all you need is just walk 5 to 10 minutes to get there ! 

 The view from outside is seems like nothing special ! But actually 里面是别有洞天 
The rooms are located at the hotel underground and they also provides SPA and Massage services 

Although the room just cost us RM 73 per day which is cheap but it is nice and cozy and the staff are friendly and helpful somemore the hotel provided high-speed WiFi and the safe deposit box 

Our room's view B18 
Deluxe Room for two
Welcome to my room haha 
 Hotel Exterior 

After settled down we went for lunch at McDonald's which is opposite our hotel 
 you must try the burger if you come from Malaysia ! The Samurai Pork Burger ! ♥ It's sooooo delicious ! Although it's expensive than Malaysia, it cost us around RM 20 per set but it's worth to try ! 

Next, we walked through the Ao Nang street that sell a lots of stuff and reach the Ao Nang beach 

不知道为什么 我很喜欢海边 海边给我整个感觉就是很 Romantic 还有很 peaceful 
外国的海滩就是很不一样 很多俊男美女在晒太阳 美女们还要是穿 Bikini 的 ! ≧◡≦

The beautiful sunset view
当我快乐 沙滩上有四行脚印 当我悲伤 沙滩上只有两行脚印 ; 因为当我快乐 你陪着我 当我悲伤 你背着我 (◡‿◡✿
幸福 很简单

The Gang ♥ 

Evening, the driver took us from the hotel and went to Krabi Night Market 
♥  Thai foods ! 

The special thing that attracted me and him - 5 minutes artwork which cost us 80 baht per person
Deng deng deng after 5 minutes
I laughed non-stop when i get this ! Does it looks like us ! Hahahaha
 The souvenirs that we bought from the night market 

Actually the night market was nothing special and crowded, it just like the normal pasar malam in Malaysia but the foods are definitely cheaper and diverse 

The driver send us back to the hotel at 9.00 p.m  

At the night we just walked around the Ao Nang Street and the beach 
but where's the stars ? :( 
no stars but beers ? ◑.◑ 

22 April 

Krabi Trip Day 2 - Islands Hopping Day ( The 7 islands tour )
The driver picked us up from the hotel at the early 8.30 and dropped us at the pier, the Nopparathara Beach 
Seriously i don't know what is this called ? Bus ? Lorry ? Hmmm 

While waiting for the speedboat ride 
Around 9.30, we depart by speed boat and the destination is Phi-Phi Islands

First stop - Bamboo Island 
It took us around 40 mins to reached there by speedboat
The Bamboo island is a wonderful desert island with superb beach ! The sea water is so clear, cold  and nice the sand is just white and soft the sky is so blue and the sun is so shine like a diamond ! It's just like a paradise ! Seriously i love this place very very muchhhhhhhh i don't want to go home ◔̯◔
We are happy kids ٩(^‿^)۶



 We stayed there around 45 mins then left to Hin Klang, our 1st snorkeling place 

The photo taken from the boat ! The water is damn clear until you can see through the bottom ! 
 Deng deng ! It's the snorkeling time ! 
The feelings when you see the small cutie and colorful coral fishes just besides you is damn fun and excited ! I keep want to touch them but i failed :( 
我只想说海底世界真的很美妙 可以看到很多小鱼儿近距离在你身边游来游去 五颜六色的珊瑚 还有不同种类的海生物生活在海底里 海底的世界是多么的宁静与美丽 我很喜欢  
 还记得当时海里的那个位置有很多的海胆 结果那个傻佬就很兴奋的和我们说 它有眼睛的叻   它的眼睛一直盯着他看 他很怕它突然间浮上来刺他 真的很搞笑

After the snorkeling we had our lunch at the beach side restaurant. The view is nice but the foods .. Hmmm 
The speedboats hehe

4th stop - Monkey Beach 
can you spot the little monkeys ?

5th stop - Viking Cave 
Just a brief tour for the cave, where the bird nests are collected and there are some people are living inside the cave
Awww the cutie fishesss 

6th stop - Phi-Phi Leh Bay 
A hidden sea lagoon of outstanding beauty with the high limestone cliffs on all sides

Our tour guide ! Does he looks like Jack Sparrow ? So man rite ? haha 

7th stop - Loh Sa Ma Bay our 2nd snorkeling spot ! 
A small and quite beach and the water is calm and clear 

像 Ice age 里松鼠吃的那个坚果吗 ?
Can you spot a pair of shoes at the back ? 

看似一片很美丽的风景加上一片很宁静的海 其实宁静得来却隐藏着危险 !

  我们的生死一瞬间就在这一刻发生 ! 我的天 ! 这里的水流很急好吗 一下水就毫无预警的从船尾漂啊漂啊就这样漂到船头去了 而且就快要夹在两艘快艇的中间了 真的很危险好吗 一直很心急的要游回船上 可是该死的水流一直把我越冲越远 我真的没力再游了 TT 上图有看到一个傻佬一直拉着我向前游吗 ? 其实啊 他并不想救我呢 :( 他说他也是没有力了 叫我自己想办法 好残忍哦 竟然见死不救 TT 就这样挣扎了好几分钟 终于安全上船了 都还没有见识到这里的海底世界 结果就整个人都累死了 现在想起还是心有余悸呢 

8th stop - Maya Bay 
Maya Bay, where the movie ''The Beach' was filmed there and now it is belong to the National Park 
It's extremely beautiful and amazing ! The towering limestone cliffs, crystal clear waters, white sandy beach and the scenery is just fantastic ! 
On the day time, there will be a lots of speedboats and the longtail boats on the beach so the beach is completely packed with people ! Anyway we still enjoyed the scene ♥‿♥

The hut in the forest 
With the limestone cliffs 

By following this signboard, you can go to Loh Sa Ma
 You have to climb up stairs before you can see Loh Sa Ma's view

Awwww we are LOST ! 

Well, we returned home at 3 something plus by took a speed and bumpy boat ! Hmmm the very bumpy ride ! It was scary but fun ! Syokkk ah ! 
On the way back ! Byebye phi-phi islands ◔̯◔

At the night, we decided to have a good dinner before we leave 

What a romantic restaurant 
 Dessert - Banana Boat ice-cream

The dinner was superb with a great price and service ! The best foods we ate at the Thailand :P
The street and the night lights are beautiful 
 The coconut :D
The gamblers 

 23 April 
We woke up at 4.30 am and the driver picked us up at the morning 5.30 a.m as our flight is at 7.30 a.m

Bye thailand bye krabi bye my awesome holiday :)